Unwind. Reconnect.

Experience a holistic yoga retreat in tropical Bali where you can truly relax, reconnect with your inner strength and be your most authentic self.


Experience for yourself what it means to truly relax and rejuvenate in paradise where everyday brings an incredible sense of calm and peace


Reconnect with who you truly are on a deeper level, which provides you with the space for greater self-acceptance and to rediscover your inner strength


Explore powerful methods for inner transformation to overcome blockages that have been holding you back from living your most authentic life

8 Days Of Inspired Yoga, Meditation and Transformation

If you need a break from the daily grind and you want an opportunity to just breathe, then give yourself the gift of calm and serenity.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of gentle waves and spending the day surrounded by tropical bliss.

Not only are you going to be able to truly relax and unwind, but our holistic approach to yoga and life encourages you to find inner peace, gain greater clarity over who you really are and step forward as your authentic self.

So if experiencing pure rejuvenation and inspired transformation sounds perfect for you, then learn more.

"I would like to thank you for the wonderfully relaxing yoga classes. Everything was always so harmonious and the atmosphere special. I can still feel your calm strength."

Rita Naef

"A magical experience. Michelle's approach to yoga and self-growth makes you see things from a new perspective and in a very empowering way. This is a real transformation!"

Simon Lim

"This yoga retreat has done so much for me! Michelle is a very inspiring teacher who spreads her love and compassion. I could overcome some inner conflicts and feel much more self-love now."

Rahel Kaufmann

Hey, I'm Michelle!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about INODAYA and thank you for beginning a journey of greater self-love and awareness for yourself.

It truly is an amazing journey you are on and I invite you to join us in Bali to continue your search for greater purpose and fulfillment.

For me, yoga is about reconnecting mindfully to your true self, on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and I want to support you in rediscovering your authenticity.

In my transformative yoga retreats I guide you with empathy, honesty and a great deal of humour back to your most authentic and radiant self. 

Your Tropical Paradise Awaits!

Set in a lush tropical oasis with swaying palm trees and gorgeous beaches, you will be given every opportunity to truly just be, to breathe and to reconnect to yourself in a holistic way. 

Join Us In Bali!

If you're searching for greater fulfillment and you know there is more for you on this journey, then join us in Bali!

Our mindful yoga retreat not only gives you the time and space to unwind and rejuvenate, but you will also be given the inspiration and tools to reconnect with yourself and feel empowered to be your most authentic self.

At the essence of this experience is our gentle, supportive and inspired approach to yoga.

Enjoy our holistic Yoga approach that truly caters to all levels
Feel the liberating movements of our mindful Hatha flow classes
Meditation sessions that are designed to encourage you 
Discover the art of breathing to reinvigorate your system
Experience the soothing nature of Yin and restorative Yoga
Awaken your senses with Yoga Nidra practices
Learn empowering tools and strategies to transform inner blockages
Embrace total relaxation with the outdoor pool and tropical garden
Fuel your body with our healthy brunch and dinner
Experience true bliss with our barefoot-luxury accommodation options
Unwind and let go with grounding Balinese massages

Inspiring Yoga Program

Our holistic approach to yoga encourages you to let go of your limitations and rediscover your most authentic self.

Gorgeous Accommodation

Experience the joy of barefoot luxury where modern comfort meets tropical calm in a harmonious and spectacular manner.

Incredible Food

Our healthy brunch and dinner buffets are vegetarian, organic and simply delicious, giving you a balanced diet for a holistic life.


INODAYA is about reconnecting to your true self and developing the strength to live your life in its most authentic and fulfilling way. 

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Join our holistic yoga retreat in Bali where you can truly relax, reconnect with your inner strength and be your most authentic self.

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